Hello, here we are, we are real and in three dimensions.

The Crypto Penny Black team is made up of a group of diverse people with varied backgrounds.
Passionate about technology and communication, we have chosen an object that has radically changed the communication system, revisiting it in a modern way through unique digital artworks.
Among us are graphic designers, web designers, and operation managers, but also experts in collecting and history.
We want to give back an object that has lost its utilitarian value in an artistic and current guise.
Pedro 🇮🇹

IB, Trader Fixed Income

Anxhlejana Duraj 🇦🇱


Valentina Saraceni 🇮🇹

Graphic Designer

Andrea Maggiorelli 🇮🇹


Javier Pereira 🇪🇸

Full Stack Developer

Valentina Busi 🇮🇹

Web Designer & Front End Developer

Ricardo Palacios 🇪🇸

Blockchian developer

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