Metaverse & Exhibition

Every year, starting from the first week of December 2022, a virtual exhibition will be organized in the Metaverse, in which all owners of at least 4 CryptoPenny specimens will be able to participate.
All owners of at least 1 CryptoPenny will be able to vote, and there will also be an independent jury, composed of prominent people in different fields.
There will be one to three competition categories and prizes will be offered for the first place winners; these prizes are to be decided on a case-by-case basis and could be, for example, Drafts or Artist Drafts that have not yet been awarded or an entire Plate.
Crypto Penny Black in the Metaverse
The ideal place to hold the exhibitions will be a space in the Metaverse, built to ensure maximum usability of the collections.
In which Metaverse to buy space and build the Virtual Exhibition will be determined by a vote accessible to all holders of at least one CryptoPenny and whole Plates will initially be permanently displayed.
Once built, it will be a meeting point for the Community, with events and meetings scheduled at least once a month via Discord and Twitter.

Collection ideas and examples

Display your Collection in our virtual gallery in the Metaverse  COMING SOON

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